08 Nov

Smile Makeovers Offered at London Dental Clinic

You may decide that you want a smile makeover, or at least see what is involved in a smile makeover. Well, visit your London Dental Clinic. You will meet with a dentist and speak with them about the smile makeover. The dentist will perform an oral examination, and a smile analysis, and come up with a plan tailored specifically to your treatment needs and desired cosmetic outcome. The London dentist will explain the best possible results that can be obtained, and will also tailor a plan to fit your budget. Several procedures including teeth whitening, dental bonding, porcelain or Lumineer veneers, dental crowns and/or bridges, orthodontics, and gingival recontouring will be discussed, and if necessary, maxillofacial surgery.
If you are interested in going ahead with the smile makeover, then an all-inclusive oral examination will be performed to decide on the proper plan of action. This examination will include a complete dental charting, including X-rays, study models and intraoral photographs. It will be well worth the time and money to take care of your dental disease(s) prior to performing the smile makeover.
What’s involved in the smile makeover? Your London dentist will go over the procedure(s) with you, until you are sure that you understand. Smile makeovers can be rather straight forward or can be more complicated, depending on what procedure(s) you and your dentist decide upon. Besides your teeth, your face, skin, hair colour and shape, gums, and lips, all need to be considered. Sometimes opening a bite that has collapsed over the years can remove years and wrinkles from the face. Proper functioning of the TMJs is to be maintained. Your London dentist will review all of these procedures with you!