16 May

Smiling again with Lumineers in the City of London

It is always lovely to have a beautiful smile in the city of London; it can even open doors for you, but as you get older, you have to work harder in order to maintain that kudos that you have built up over the years to get you where you are now. Your teeth can also be affected by the ageing process, and if your smile is important to you in your daily routine, you need to give your teeth a little TLC from time to time. Fortunately, for you, you live in a world of fabulous cosmetic dentistry darling, and you can get patched up and smiling again in next to no time. If your teeth are starting to look badly worn down and tired, you should really take a look at having Lumineers fitted, because they will hide away all the ills in your mouth and leave you looking just dandy. It is an easy process to have done: once a cast has been made of your teeth, it is sent away so that your Lumineers can be made and on their return, it couldn’t be simpler. Your teeth are given a dust down and then they are cemented into place on the surfaces of your teeth; the results are phenomenal and your smile will look incredible, hiding away all of the nastiest things that age have thrown at you. They aren’t designed to last forever, just to bale your smile out of trouble and when they themselves start to fade, you simply pop back for new ones- simple eh?