01 Feb

Smiling serenely in 6 Months in the City of London

There are some braces and aligners on the market that promise you the world and to be fair, all of them deliver, but when it comes to getting the job done efficiently and quickly, one of the fastest gunslingers in the city of London right now is the 6 Months Smile. This desperado looks like a traditional fixed brace, is as precise as a traditional fixed brace, but does it faster- the speed is in the title. This brace however comes with all the mod cons required by the modern wearer. For a start, the ceramic plates and the wiring are discreetly tooth coloured so that the brace is hard to spot when fitted. Yes it does what a traditional brace does too; it cures overcrowding and bite problems, but where it really differs is that the emphasis in the straightening is concentrated more on the teeth that offend the eye whenever you smile. Every now and then, you need to see your dentist to not only ensure that you have got the hang of cleaning the brace (which can be tricky at first) but to have the wire regularly tensioned so that the teeth keep on the move throughout the time you are wearing it- which ironically is about 6 months!