15 Aug

Solid dental bridge from Central London dentist replaces missing teeth

Teeth can be knocked out in many situations. It could be as the result of a sporting injury, a motor accident or even as the result of a particularly nasty disagreement. But having a tooth knocked out is never a laughing matter. Not only will a missing tooth spoil the appearance of the smile but it will also be very painful and cause all sorts of dental problems in the future if the damage is not repaired.
There are a number of ways your Central London dentist can replace your missing tooth and restore both the appearance and the functionality. This could involve using a dental implant or even a partial denture. However, one of the most effective and popular choices is the dental bridge.
A dental bridge is just as it sounds, an artificial tooth that literally bridges the gap created by the missing tooth. The artificial tooth, or pontic from the Latin for ‘bridge’, will be attached by either two dental crowns or resin bonded strips. This will very much depend on the condition of the adjacent teeth.
The dental bridge will last up to fifteen years if it is properly cared for with effective brushing and flossing. The other major advantage of the dental bridge is the cost. When compared to other dental substitutes, the dental bridge is very cheap yet still very effective. You may have to be slightly careful when eating harder foods but other than that, the dental bridge will behave and appear just like a real tooth. If you have suffered a knocked out tooth or need to replace an old dental substitution then make an appointment to discuss dental bridges with your Central London dentist.