31 Oct

Solving Crooked Teeth with Veneers in London

We all know in London that if you have crooked teeth, one of the most efficient ways of getting your mouth smiling again is to have a brace or some sort of aligner fitted. But if you have grown a little in years, the very thought of setting sail on a possible 2 year voyage of wearing braces is simply out of the question and well, plainly, just too long. But there is an alternative- getting veneers fitted. Now this is not suitable for all-comers; it all depends on just how bad the problem is- if it’s bad, then, if you want your teeth straightened, its braces or nothing. But it is possible to have veneers if the teeth are not overly out of kilter. What having a veneers fitted involves is the removal of the tooth’s enamel anyway, but if the tooth or teeth are prominent, it means shaving away a lot of the tooth as well to flatten the appearance. Now even your dentist may voice concern about this, but it is quick and at the end of the day, far less extreme than having braces fitted and a hell of a lot cheaper too. It is remarkably quick- on average, a couple of weeks at the most and will leave your teeth looking like new. In the end it is your call, but a good alternative to braces- it depends on how much in a hurry you are.