02 Apr

Some oral hygiene products make bad breath worse say London dentists

Nobody wants to have bad breath. It is a very unfortunate and embarrassing condition that affects not just you but also those around you. One of the most difficult things about bad breath is that it is often so difficult to tell if you are suffering. This can cause many people to reach for the mouthwash or oral spray in order to give them confidence that their breath is fresh. However, many oral products including mouthwash and even chewing gum could be giving you a false sense of confidence.
Bad breath is mostly caused by bacteria that live on food particles stuck in the teeth or in the grooves of the tongue. Other causes include gum disease and digestion problems but bacteria make up the majority of cases. Bacteria decays and releases bad odours which are carried out on the breath. Using oral products such as mouthwash or spray will kill some of these bacteria and temporarily mask the problem. However, after a time the bacteria will again begin to thrive and the smell will return. Oral products do not attack the cause of the problem and they also inhibit the natural production of saliva which could even make the situation worse.
The most effective cure for bad breath is better oral hygiene. More effective brushing and flossing and using implements like tongue scrapers will help to keep your teeth, gums and tongue free from as much food waste and bacteria as possible. By attacking the root of the problem, oral hygiene will help to keep your breath fresh and free of odours all day, without the need for you to resort to oral hygiene products. For more information about bad breath and how to cure it, ask you London dentist at your next six-monthly check up.