11 Dec

Sparkling Teeth with Enlighten in London

It has to be something very special that takes a well grounded industry like dentistry sit up and take notice, but Enlighten Tooth Whitening has completely stormed the court of the dental world. Yet on paper, it doesn’t look any different from a home bleaching kit that you’d buy at any chemists in London. With Enlighten, your dentist will make up the bleaching trays for you as they need to be water-tight; then you will get your kit and be sent home to start your treatment. Each night, you fill the trays with the bleaching agent and then fit them to your teeth before you go to sleep; you then take them out in the morning and wash them in readiness for the next night and it’s a process you will repeat for the next fortnight. During this time, you have to follow a strict regime: no smoking, avoid foods and drinks that may stain your teeth and you must use whitening toothpaste throughout….but boy is it worth it! Once the treatment is completed, it’s back to the dentist for a quick laser blast….and you’re done. Sounds not so different from cheaper versions eh? But when you get the chance, have a good look at your teeth in the mirror and you will see just why this product is so highly rated and respected: your teeth will look like pure porcelain in a magical way that you never thought was possible AND YES! They are your teeth and they are in your mouth!!!