13 Jun

Spotting a Cavity in the City of London

When you clean your teeth in the city of London, there is no doubt you give your best shot everyday with the most efficient products on the market today. But for all of your hard work it only takes a while for the enemy to slip in and start to cause you problems on your teeth- the enemy being plaque and if not removed, it will begin to eat away at the surfaces and sides of your teeth and before you know it, you can be suffering from cavities. Now it won’t be obvious at first but you should from time to time inspect your teeth for the signs. If a tooth has started to darken or developed white dots on the surface, it could mean that the decay has started and the cavities are ready to pounce and when they do, the other most obvious indication is shooting pains whenever you bite down on the tooth or expose it to varying temperatures. The way to avoid these problems is maintain good oral hygiene and pay regular visits to see dentists, because they have the best indicator of all- an x-ray machine; this will spot a cavity in seconds and then your dentist will remove the threat there and then.