13 Jan

Spread a Healthy Smile With An Inman Aligner in London

Some of us may have missed the boat in London when it came to getting our teeth fixed at an early age and may well have resigned ourselves that we are stuck with those rather crooked teeth- and stubbornly, we certainly don’t want to indulge in any long term teeth straightening treatments in later life. But my friends, never fear, the Inman aligner is here! This little tailored for you beauty can straighten those buck front teeth in as little as 6-weeks! Because of its unique mechanics, it can only fix the upper and lower front teeth, but my, how it fixes them. Whilst a small wire pulls on the outside of the teeth, a bar, activated by a spring, reverses the pressure on the inside of the teeth. This pull-me, push-you affect gently rocks the teeth back in alignment in keeping with the rest of the mouth very effectively and quickly. But the beauty of this device doesn’t stop here. It should be worn for at least, 20 hours a day, but the aligner can be removed, making it easier to eat, clean the teeth and socialise. Like any brace, it can cause initial problems with speech, but the mouth will adjust to any discomfort. If you’re in a hurry and you fit the bill, this is the device for you. At around £1500, the Inman is not exactly cheap, but the benefits far out-weigh the cost.