20 Mar

Stop Cannabis To Prevent Tooth Decay (London Dentistry Portal)

A new research has opened up an entire new avenue as to how cannabis can cause tooth decay and even tooth loss. This fact was not known until recently and has made the dentists add this problem in their checklist.The research showed that about 900 individuals were checked for tooth problems. Among them there were about one third of the new cases reported in individuals who had been smoking marijuana since age 18.
When the history was taken from these patients, the fact revealed was quite stunning. It showed that they had been smoking 40 cigarettes of marijuana a year. When their teeth were examined, it showed that there was not only tooth decay but also gum recession.
I will greatly emphasize this fact to all the dentists in London to make sure that they pass this vital information to all their patients who are active marijuana users. This will not only help to spread knowledge but also a better understanding about this problem.