10 Jan

Stop Grinding Teeth In Your Sleep in the City of London

In the City of London, it’s a pretty good bet that you might not know if you suffer from grinding your teeth in your sleep, but the problem can become very serious if untreated. More commonly known as Bruxism, teeth grinding can be caused by a number of things. Stress can be a major factor, along with anger and frustration, poor teeth alignment, certain medications containing stimulants and caffeine based fluids, but it is still difficult to detect. If you have a partner or a friend that has noticed you grinding your teeth, if you notice yourself that you grind during the day, or you suffer from constant head and neck aches, you should get to the dentist immediately for a consultation. Once the problem has been diagnosed, then your dentist can offer you varying treatments. Mouth guards and splints are a good way of preventing damage to the inside of the mouth and are available over the counter, but they don’t stop the problem from occurring and placing stresses in the jaw and head. Dental overlays and crowns on the teeth limit damage too, but do not address the problem. It’s important to attack the problem from a psychological angle. Identifying daytime stresses and their causes can help you to reduce stress through stress and behavioural management. It can help you to relax and understand how to wind down before bedtime; hot baths, avoiding coffee, reading a book and burning of herbal oils can promote the ‘chill out’ process.