20 Oct

Stop tooth erosion at London dentists

The teeth are coated by a protective layer of a hard substance called enamel which acts as a defensive barrier against plaque and bacteria. However, even though enamel is very resilient it will eventually wear away over time if it is not protected further by effective cleaning and brushing.
Brushing and flossing remove plaque from the surface of enamel, which prevents the release of dangerous plaque acid which breaks down enamel. Over time this acid will eventually penetrate the tooth enamel and allow bacteria to get to the more sensitive parts of the teeth on the inside. This softer material is called dentine and is more easily eroded than tooth enamel. Beneath this is the pulp and dental nerve which form the living and feeling part of the tooth. As you might imagine, if a bacterial infection takes hold in the inner part of the tooth it can be very painful and also result in the death and eventual loss of the tooth.
However, there are a number of ways that London dentists can stop it reaching this point. On the simplest level, having a check up regularly will help to keep plaque at bay and dentists will also remove any accumulated tartar that has solidified on the teeth. This limits the damage that can be done to the enamel. If things are more progressed it is possible for the dentist to replace the eroded enamel with either dental bonding or with a dental veneer. These are both very lifelike and will retain the appearance of the tooth while protecting it at the same time. Dentists can also repair teeth using dental crowns and with root canal treatments, both of which can save an otherwise doomed tooth. If you are suffering from painful or eroded teeth, make an appointment with your London dentist now to see how they can be repaired.