22 Oct

Straight teeth fast with Six-Month Smile braces from Central London dentist

For patients who require their teeth straightened there are now far more options than there ever were previously. Twenty years ago it would have been ugly and uncomfortable metal braces or nothing at all. Metal braces worked, but having to have a mouthful of metal brackets and wires for months on end was often too much for some patients. It was also unfortunate that braces are for the most part fitted when patients are in their difficult and emotionally sensitive teenage years.
Thankfully, advances in technology means that there are now several alternatives to metal braces. Whether it is discretion or speed that you desire there will now be a brace to fit around your lifestyle and not the other way round.
One of the latest straightening methods on the market is the Six-Month smile treatment. By focussing solely on the teeth that can be seen when smiling, Six-Month smile braces are able to achieve incredibly fast results. They aim to completely straighten teeth in, that’s right, just six-months. This is a reduction of up to 75 per cent on other forms of straightening.
By using special nickel-titanium wires, overcrowding issues can be solved by repositioning teeth at the front into more natural places. The wire is usually tooth coloured meaning that the Six-Month smile brace is also very discreet. They are also said to cause far less discomfort to patients than most other orthodontic appliances. If you are suffering from overcrowding or feel that your teeth could do with that final bit of straightening to give you perfectly straight teeth, ask a Central London dentist about the Six-Month smile treatment and bring a beautiful smile back to your face.