19 Oct

Straight teeth with Invisalign braces from Central London dentist

For those of us not blessed with naturally straight teeth, to achieve that winning smile that everyone strives for, it is necessary to undergo some kind of orthodontic straightening procedure. In most cases this will involve having a brace fitted. This is often a large sacrifice to make; having a mouth full of uncomfortable and unseemly wires for months is a large price to pay for straight teeth. Braces are often fitted to patients in their teenage years, which is an emotionally difficult time to stand out from the crowd. For older patients, the idea of wearing a brace has a certain stigma attached that they are often unwilling to confront.
There is now an alternative. Clear or invisible braces from Invisalign, introduced in 1999 by Align Technologies, can help to straighten teeth without the need for obtrusive metal braces. Invisalign is a series of clear plastic retainers that are specially designed for the patient’s teeth, worn for two or three weeks at a time before being changed, that make small adjustments in the teeth structure. It usually takes twenty or so sets of retainers to achieve the desired affect, only marginally longer than conventional metal braces and with minimum visual difference to real teeth. In fact, Invisalign braces are so discreet it is almost impossible to notice them unless up very close to the wearer.
Made form one millimeter thick plastic, the retainers also have the added advantage of being completely removable. This means that meal times are less fuss, and no foods are off limits unlike with metal braces.
Invisable braces have existed before, but with the aid of computer aided design and manufacture, Invisalign braces can be produced to stunning levels of accuracy. The use of 3D projections can accurately predict the expected outcome of the system and can adapt to any changes if necessary. Central London dentists offer Invisalign as an alternative to normal metal braces, so you may be able to straighten your teeth without having to sacrifice your smile.