07 Apr

Straighten your smile with Inman aligner from City of London dentist

iYour smile is very important to you. It is very often the first thing that people see when they meet you, so it is important that you are happy and comfortable with it. Teeth that are crooked or misaligned can spoil the appearance of a beautiful smile but by using orthodontic straightening devices it is possible to correct this fairly easily.
For patients who suffer from minor alignment issues it may be possible to straighten your teeth in a matter of a few months using the Inman aligner. This relatively new orthodontic straightener was developed in the US at the tail end of the last millennium. It is now staring to make waves here in the UK, thanks to exposure on several television shows and its incredible straightening power.
The aligner works by using the power of a coiled spring, which sits on the tongue side of the teeth. A thin metal wire runs a long the front of the teeth (the only really visible part of the aligner when in the mouth) to keep the teeth in alignment while the spring creates room for them to straighten.
The Inman aligner is capable of producing visibly straighter teeth in as little as six weeks but for a more complete treatment it is advised to wear it for up to six months. The aligner is also completely removable which makes it ideal for people who may occasionally need to take it out for work or social commitments.
The Inman aligner is the ideal tool for the right patient. More and more this is including brides-to-be keen to have the perfect smile on their wedding day. If you think your smile could benefit from being a little straighter, ask a City of London dentist about your suitability for an Inman aligner.