12 Sep

Stunning modern dentures from City of London dentist

Although significant improvements have been made in the last twenty years when it comes to dental technology, the dental health of the nation hasn’t shown a similar improvement. This may be due to poor diets, children eating too much sugary food or simply due to complacency. Whatever the cause, people are still experiencing high levels of decay and teeth are being lost as a result. When one tooth is lost, it leads to an increased chance of loosing more. When a significant number of teeth have been lost, the dentist will usually advise the removal of the remaining few to replace them with dentures.
Now obviously it would be better if nobody needed to wear dentures but the fact remains that some people do whether it is due to decay or loss through accident. But thankfully, wearing dentures doesn’t have to carry the stigma it once did. Modern dentures are comfortable, realistic and durable, a great improvement on the dentures we may remember from the past.
Dentures should ideally fit over the top of the gums, and stay in place through suction alone but some patients find they need a little extra bit of support and confidence. This can be gained either by wearing denture adhesive, which can be messy or by having a set of mini-implants fitted. These are small titanium screws that are anchored into the jawbone and used as clips to attach the dentures in place. They are very secure and eliminate the threat of dentures falling out at inopportune moments. Ask your City of London dentist for more information about dentures and their possibilities, it could be the change you have been looking for to restore your confidence and the functionality of your teeth.