11 Oct

Stunning Tooth Whitening with Enlighten in the City of London

There are so many ways you can get your teeth whitened in the city of London, but if you want to have it done, why don’t you go for one that is considered to be the best in the world of dentistry- Enlighten Teeth Whitening. The reason this treatment has won so many plaudits is essentially the results it produces: the finish to your teeth is akin to pure porcelain. It is also clever in the way it works too and it involves your dentist too, meaning that you can be monitored and instructed, if need be, as you go along. And it’s the dentist that kicks the treatment off by taking moldings of your teeth so that the air-tight bleaching trays can be made. Then you go home when you receive them and start the course. The beauty here is that everything happens whilst you sleep so it doesn’t interfere with your daytime: you fill the trays with the whitener and pop them in before bedtime. The next morning, just clean the trays for the next night and then brush with a whitening toothpaste; during the next fortnight, be sure to avoid smoking and any food and drinks that may cause staining. Then back to the dentists for a quick blast with a laser and that’s it, you have the best natural-looking teeth around.