09 Apr

Sturdy dental implants from London dentist

If you have ever lost a tooth you will know that not only is it a painful experience, whether lost to dental trauma or decay, but also that the missing tooth can be a source of great embarrassment, especially if it is in a prominent place in the mouth. Missing teeth can make patients reluctant to smile and be the source of underlying self-confidence issues.
There are also a number of health reasons why missing teeth can cause problems. The space left by a tooth can be a shelter for bacteria, which can then cause other oral health problems. Other teeth can also lean into the vacant space causing alignment issues and also interrupting bite. Therefore it is very important to try and replace the missing tooth with a dental substitute. One of the most common and certainly the most realistic is a dental implant.
Dental implants involve placing a titanium screw into the jawbone to act as a base for an artificial crown. Because they are the only replacement to restore the whole of the tooth from root to crown, they are sturdier than other dental substitutes such as dental bridges and partial dentures. They also do not prohibit the eating of certain foods which can be the case with these restorations.
Dental implants are also permanent and will not require updating at any point in the future. Once it has been implanted and fused with the tissue and the bone it almost becomes as much a part of the mouth as a real tooth. London dentists can also use a series of mini dental implants to act as a base for a set of dentures. This removes the need for messy adhesives and also alleviates the anxiety of loose dentures.