12 Sep

Suffering from a tooth abscess? – see a London dentist

A tooth abscess is a collection of pus that results from a bacterial infection in the mouth. It is usually a complication of tooth decay but can also result from a trauma to the teeth, such as when a tooth is chipped or broken.
Small openings in the protective enamel of the tooth allow bacteria to infiltrate the pulp at the centre of the tooth causing an infection, which can then spread to other parts of the tooth causing more damage. The infection causes a build up of bacteria, white blood cells and other material which form pus deposits and cause swelling of the tissues.
The main sign that a tooth abscess has developed is a toothache, but if the infection has destroyed the root of the tooth an abscess may be still be present even though you can not feel any pain. It is always important to consult a dentist even if your toothache has ceased. Tooth abscesses are capable of spreading the infection to other teeth, gums and parts of the face, which may result in uncomfortable and embarrassing swelling.
The toothache associated with a tooth abscess is usually a continuous throbbing or knawing pain but other symptoms include a bitter taste in the mouth, a bad odour coming from the mouth, a general ill feeling or uneasiness, facial swelling and sensitivity when eating hot or cold food.
Treatments for tooth abscesses include swilling salt water to sooth the pain, over-the-counter pain relief and prescribed anti-biotics. In more serious cases, root canal surgery may be necessary or even the complete removal of the tooth if the infection has damaged it too severely. A hospital admission may even be necessary in some circumstances.
The best way to prevent a tooth abscess is to visit your London dentist for regular check-ups or if you are suffering from any kind of toothache. Catching the infection early can prevent the need for any further dental complications and even prevent further infection and sepsis.