20 Mar

Sugarless Chewing Gum- More Benefits Than You Know

Sugarless gums have laxative and the sweet gums are rich in sorbitol. Dental researchers have always been exploring the myriad benefits of chewing a gum to the gums of people.According to researchers of Chapel Hill, people that chewed sugarless gum after a surgery to urinary bladder were brisker at work as related to those that did not chew gum at all. Most surgeries render digestive system to a slow down and to resume back to normalcy a recoup period of 60 hours is needed post surgery. However, since other metabolism would resume faster, patients would start experiencing nausea and abdominal discomfort.
The study by UNC-CH gave results to tell us that the chewing sugarless gum can resume back the alimentary canal functions. The study was done with treatment where patients were given a pack a day of sugarless chewing gums. Having said all the recommendation of chewing gum to post surgical recovery as laxative is still debated. Dentists and doctors would not recommend a patient to be on chewing gum, though, but they wouldn’t be challenging or opposing if an avid chewer wants to chew gum post operatively. They should work, says the researchers.
The goodness of chewing sugarless gum to the health of teeth and gums cannot be discounted and with studies showing other beneficial results of chewing sugarless gums, these should be enticed more than ever before,” says a London dentist, who is a gum lover himself.