24 Aug

Tackling a Tooth Abscess in Central London

If you have ever met anyone in central London who has experienced a tooth abscess, they will tell you of the nightmares and the dangers involved because this is one of those conditions that arise in the mouth that can become life threatening very quickly. What causes an abscess starts with poor oral hygiene that has allowed tooth decay to set up camp in your mouth and with nowhere to go, the toxins that sit below the gum-line form and abscess. All the while, these toxins are getting into the blood and infecting it- this is where an abscess becomes dangerous. Your teeth will be in agony and your face will swell like a balloon and moreover, your blood is being poisoned… so, it’s one of those times that you need immediate help- you first need to get antibiotics into your system before anybody can start to treat you and if you can’t find a dentist, find a hospital- anyone that can help. Once you have sailed your way through this storm, your dentist can evaluate and treat you, but be warned, once you have had an abscess, they don’t go away lightly and have a nasty habit of returning. Sometimes, the only path left open to you is to have the tooth removed in order to break the cycle.