23 Dec

Tackling an Abscessed Tooth in London

Some conditions in your mouth can be quite dangerous if left to fester and one of the worst is a tooth abscess- and in some cases, it can prove to be fatal in London. An abscess only breaks out if you have been flippant with your oral hygiene and allowed your teeth to be ravished tooth decay; the situation can also be caused by gum disease. Once a tooth has become infected inside, the roots will become diseased and then infect the surrounding gum tissue; hence, an abscess is likely to break out. Once this happens, it will be extremely painful and your face will swell up badly, but that is only the start of your problems. You will require antibiotics immediately to counter the toxins that will poison your blood and get into your brain; this can take a day or two; if your dentist is not available, then go to the hospital. Once the antibiotics have kicked-in, then your tooth can be treated, probably with a root canal and a crown in order to repair the damage done. However, abscesses don’t go away easily and once you have suffered from one, they have the tendency to return and the only option here is to have the tooth extracted to prevent the problem returning.