22 Apr

Tackling Teething issues in the City of London

When you decide that it is time to start a family in the city of London, you are going to have a lot of things thrown at you from your little ones and in the beginning, one issue you will have to watch out for is teething. This is when the teeth start to break through the gums and into the mouth. Generally, teeth start to come through after six months: the bottom front teeth are the first to show, followed by the top front, and so on until all of the primary teeth are in- in about 2 years. Now for some kids, this can happen rather easily and without problems but none the less, this is still a delicate time for most children and generally could do with some nurturing through this time. Your child may show restlessness, dribble a lot and display feverish qualities, but there are ways to help your child through this period. Giving your child something to chew on, like a teething ring to help the teeth break through, soothing gels can be rubbed into the gums and act as an anaesthetic. You can also buy mild pain-killing medicine; cool drink can soothe the pain, but comforting your child and helping to distract it by playing games can be the best tonic of all.