01 Mar

Tackling Toothache in the City of London

Usually, the cause of toothaches in the city of London is damage in some form or another. Injury or a blow to a tooth can dislodge the tooth and damage the gum area around it, causing the whole area to ache: if the tooth is cracked in an injury, it may also become infected, again the cause of pain. However, more often than not, a tooth aches because it has become infected by decay. When this initially starts, the tooth may become very painful whenever it is touched or comes into contact with hot and cold temperatures. This indicates that you may have caries and will need a filling to overcome the aching. If this is allowed to continue to cause damage, then the pulp and roots will also become infected and it will require root canal therapy. This can also lead to periodontal disease and an abscess, and then your teeth will really ache. Another classic yet sinister form of toothache is caused by wisdom teeth, again very painful and hard to deal with in some cases. Should you suffer from any form of oral aches and pains, you should see a dentist as soon as you can so that the problem doesn’t escalate.