19 Nov

Tackling Toothache in the City of London

A toothache can really stop you in your tracks in the city of London: it can prevent you from working and going about your daily ways; it can also make you moody and unbearable to be around. A toothache is a direct result of some sort of tooth decay going on somewhere and this could possibly have been caused by poor oral hygiene. However, you’ll no damn well when you have a problem: whenever you bite into something cold or indeed, something hot, or put anything on the offending tooth, you will get a shooting pain tear through your mouth- this is truly a sign of tooth decay. The thing is, it means that the attack from acids and bacteria on the surface of your teeth have broken through the enamel and started to infect the inside the tooth. In the early throws of this, the problem can be countered with a filling, but if the problem is advanced, then the only way to overcome your discomfort is to have a root canal done- which will also save the tooth. Toothache can also come after dental treatments at the dentists. In all cases, you can dumb down the pain with painkillers until you get treated but if the problem is down to tooth decay, it should serve as a warning for the future.