21 Aug

Take a Change With A Charismatic London Crown

Have you got a troublesome tooth? Do you suffer from dental pain or have you noticed that your tooth looks worn or feels weak? If you’ve got a tooth in need of restoration, we have a range of options, including beautiful, strong dental crowns.
About dental crowns
Dental crowns, also known as caps, are restorations, which are commonly used to protect and strengthen a tooth when it is fractured, decayed or weak as a result of an injury. Crowns can also be joined to a dental implant to replace a missing tooth and they are also commonly placed after root canal treatment, a procedure used to treat infected teeth.
Crowns can be made from various ceramic materials, as well as metals. Many people now choose to have porcelain crowns because they are a perfect match for the natural teeth and you can’t tell the difference between the crown and the rest of the tooth. As well as making the teeth stronger, crowns can also vastly improve the look of a damaged or decayed tooth.
Crowns are durable and strong and they should last for around 10 years, provided that they are cared for well; there is no special cleaning regime for a crown and you simply brush the tooth as normal.
What are the advantages of a dental crown?
Dental crowns can make a real difference to oral health, as well as the look of the smile. If a tooth is damaged or there is a large cavity, this can be painful, but the functionality of the tooth is also likely to be compromised. With a crown in place, the tooth is stronger, so you can eat without any worries about the tooth crumbling, and the smile will also look healthier and more attractive. Crowns are strong and they are easy to look after and they often help to prevent further damage, which may eliminate the need for further treatment down the line.