11 May

Taking care of teeth the London way

Although the arena on which dentists work on is really small, they do use a whole new variety of expensive and useful materials to make patients comfortable. A few recent innovations to hit the London market include,1. Numbing gel which is really effective in numbing the superficial tissue before any type of procedure. Really great before taking those painful dental injections! The product contains about 20% benzocaine topically applied to the tissues effective after one minute. You can also use the numbing sprays which are really effective in deadening the area for the injection prick.
2. The COMPUDENT WAND is now becoming really famous as the computerized injection for dental anxiety patients. The entire appliance looks like computer with a little tower, a cartridge filled with local anesthetic and a tube connecting to a pen-like hand piece with a tiny, tiny, little needle. All the dentist has to do is hold and point and the computer dies the rest. Neat, right? The best part is as the needle is almost invisible; very few patients get anxious before the procedure. The computer decides the rate of flow and pressure of the local anesthetic solution and this considerably reduces the pain from the injection.
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