06 Jul

Taking care of your valued London dental patients

Patient care is really as important as customer service and it’s necessary that all your patients be treated as such. You might be really rushed of your feet and running behind with appointments, but your patient is a paying customer you have to consider them as such. A simple rule of behavior is that, “treat your patients the way you would like to be treated.” And you can’t go wrong!
Here are 5 essential tips for best customer care practices which can get you started.
• There should be a receptionist to welcome the patient upon his arrival. Prepare a set style of warm greetings which will please the customer and make them feel that they are wanted and they are in the right place.
• There should be a warm and cozy reception area with good comfortable chairs, amenities like water, refreshments etc to please the customer.
• Valuing your customer’s time is very important. If the specialist is not available, inform the patient about the situation. Let him to take his own decision about waiting the doctor.
• The patient’s first visits are very important for your office. Tell them what they will get or what they can expect from your clinic. Don’t make them frustrated later, by giving false promises during the first visit. Make sure you thank patients for their first visit to your clinic with special notes or cards
• The practitioner should make the patient to feel that the patient is exclusive for him and he is treating him exclusively. This type of individual attention will make the patient comfortable and happy.