06 Jan

Taking control of your Teeth in the City of London

The City of London’s way to do Oral Hygiene
As much as your dentist will support you in your quest for a healthy mouth in the city of London, essentially, it comes down to you in the end to look after your mouth on a daily basis and if you get in the groove of doing it like clockwork everyday, you will be avoiding a world of hurt in the future. Firstly, you need to brush your teeth correctly- sounds silly, but many people still get complacent about this. Find a brush that suits you and there are a lot out there; bent ones, straight ones and electrical ones- get this right and you are on your way. Secondly, finding the right toothpaste to accompany your toothbrush is important as well, but again, this could be down to trial and error so, persevere until you get it right. Finally, there are a lot of little gadgets such as dental floss, inter-dental brushes and some terrific mouthwashes to help you on your way. Oral hygiene should not be seen as a daily chore/bore, but as something that is going to keep your mouth healthy and your body as well. And if you do get lazy and start getting lack-luster with your teeth, yes you have your dentist to fall back on, but you better be prepared to open your bank account for corrective treatments. It’s not that hard- just look after your teeth and they will look after you.