01 Apr

Taking on a Tooth Abscess in London

If you are fairly lapse with your oral hygiene, things can get out of hand fairly quickly; tartar can build up around the base of the teeth and infect the gums. Acids from foods and drink can promote bacteria and acids, and then you may find yourself suffering from tooth decay. At this point, your dentist in London can offer you a filling or root canal treatment to solve the problem. However, with any of these conditions, you are running the risk of an abscess developing below the teeth and this is a very serious and dangerous condition. Once it erupts, you will be in terrible pain and your face will swell: all through this, toxins will start poisoning the bloodstream and this can very well become life threatening. Painkillers may well stop the agony, but before any treatment can be carried out, you’ll need to take antibiotics in order to stop the poisoning and reduce the swelling- then the dentist can tackle the problem; but abscesses don’t go lightly. Though they can be treated, once the process has started, an abscess is likely to return and in most cases, the only remedy is to have the tooth extracted.