16 Mar

Teeth Bleaching Mania Syndrome catching up in London

Well who would not want dazzling, pearly shiny white teeth? Everyone out there right? The quest for whiter and still whiter enamel resulted in a bunch of people touted as “bleachorexics,” who are so damn addicted to bleaches and the likes.This teeth bleaching mania syndrome is giving rippers a great opportunity. They are cashing in on this craze with rip off products. Its not that people are losing just money, the dentists in London remark that these fake whiteners offer more danger than one can imagine.
Teeth whitening can be taken at recommended intervals of say once or twice a year. However, the craze is taking people too far and unfortunately there are people that use the teeth whitening products from over the counter as often as daily basis. The craze is especially catching up with younger generation.
Unfortunately, they arent realizing the fact that they are damaging their teeth as well as gums while resorting to such fads. They are ending up in what is called translucent blues rather than pearly whites, because the tooth enamel is destropyed by the hydrogen carbamide and the hydrogen peroxide present in the tooth whiteners. Aside, the gum problems that crop up include bleeding and purpling. Can these make you smile?
Having said so, we ask you not to be too skeptic as well. The dentists in London proclaim that teeth whitening can bring in magical results and is also effective and safe provided it is done in conformance to the manufacturer’s instructions given on the product. There are products that are accredited by dental authorities and one may go in choosing the same. Last, a word of caution. Overdoing of teeth for color is like abusing them, it results in only repurcussive effects.