20 Jul

Teeth cleaning with braces in London

If you have had the luxury of getting a removable aligner fitted, you will know only too well the luxury of keeping your mouth healthy throughout your treatment in London- you simply take them out. But those of us not so fortunate have to have fixed braces fitted and oral hygiene takes on a whole new set of rules until the treatment is complete. Plaque and tartar are a menace on their own, as they feed off the residual of food that gets caught up in the mouth; combined with a fixed brace, your teeth are in great danger. The wires of the brace can be cleaned with a good flossing program, using interdental brushes and floss-threaders to get right in amongst the brace’s mechanism. Most chemists can supply you with dyes that highlight any build up of plaque so that it can be removed: electric toothbrushes and plaque mouthwashes are highly favoured for doing this. But the best back-up you can get is your dentist. Once you have the brace fitted, your dentist should offer you at least four visits a year, not just to check the progress of your treatment, but also help you out will your cleaning, check you are doing it right and to ensure your mouth has no signs of plaque.