18 Jul

Teeth Jewellery – The Latest Craze for Brides-to-be in London

The latest fashion statement that is doing the rounds this year is teeth jewellery. This fad seems to have caught the attention of the young and rich alike. Many young brides have taken to this dental cosmetic procedure to enhance their smile for the biggest day of their lives. Teeth jewellery has also become a craze among the teenagers of London replacing tattoos and piercing; you can find dozens of them spending all their hard-earned pocket money to get accessorized teeth.
Teeth jewellery is essentially a gem or a precious stone or some similar accessory that can be set into the tooth enamel. The gems or stones are usually cemented on the labial surface of the upper anterior teeth. This is a painless procedure which requires only minimal drilling and can be performed by a dental cosmetic surgeon in fifteen to twenty minutes. This procedure is entirely cosmetic and though no side effects are known, allergy to the teeth can be a possibility.
The best thing about tooth jewellery is that it is a temporary procedure. Unlike tattoos, the design can be changed any time you want or you can even go back to your original smile. Precious gems and stones are the most sought after teeth jewellery with most women preferring gold with a sparkle of diamond.
There are teeth spas that are springing up in many cities where you can go for such treatments. Some women consider this as an oral style statement, for others it is just a fun procedure that leaves them with a sparkling smile.