21 Sep

Teeth jewelry from London dentist brings sparkle to your smile

The kind of tooth jewelry previously only the preserve ultra glamorous rap and hip-hop stars is now more available to non-megarich celebrities. The desire to decorate teeth with a jewel or gold is becoming ever more popular. This kind of dental jewel can be attached to the teeth with little or no consequences for the patient.
The only real criterion for having a dental jewel is having existing teeth that are healthy enough to accept one. It is also important to realize that a dental jewel is quite a visible aspect of a smile and will garner many looks from others. While many will be admiring, a dental jewel is not to everyone’s taste.
The application of a jewel is a very simple procedure. There is no need for any kind of anesthetic and the process will most likely be completely painless. The dentist, after assessing which tooth is most suitable to accept a jewel will then make sure it is completely clean (a full dental hygiene check up is often recommended). The jewel is then attached using a similar adhesive to the one used to fix braces and dental bridges. This adhesive does not damage the enamel, which is important to know.
A dental jewel can last a long time but to maximize its life it is important to practice excellent oral hygiene. If the jewel comes loose it is fairly easy to reattach. If you should decide in the future that a jewel is no longer for you it can be removed easily and will not leave any long term staining or damage, providing the teeth have been properly cleaned while the jewel was in place. Ask a London dentist about having a dental jewel to brighten up your smile.