02 May

Teeth straightening and what it involves, by a London dentist

A London dentist has spoken out in favour of the modern methods of teeth straightening. The latest methods are the Inman Aligner and the Invisalign brace, both of which are very successful at what they are designed to do, and that is to straighten teeth and make the process as easy as possible, says a London dentist. The Inman is designed to take care of the front teeth, that`s it`s speciality and it does this by having all its pressure points built into the inside of the brace. Both braces have unique qualities; the Invisalign is an invisible brace and can straighten both front and back teeth. Both braces are made using the same technology, they start life as a series of digital photos taken by the dentist, and along with a mould of the teeth, these are scanned into a computer. The program calculates the pressure points and then produces a scale and a 3D film. The film helps the patient and the dentist to see the end result even before the treatment has started, the calculations will assist the orthodontist in making the braces in advance. Every two weeks the dentist will change the braces and watch the film to see that the program is working. The braces are removable by the patient for eating and cleaning the teeth, gone are the days when a brace was framed onto the teeth. The design also allows the blood flow to be altered, this is important as it will encourage new bone growth on the jaw line. This will then act as a buffer to stop the moved tooth from moving back into its old position.