14 Feb

Teeth Straightening at City of London Dental Clinic

There are currently many different ways available to straighten teeth. Depending on your needs, and the extent of misalignment of your teeth, some methods work better than others. Your City of London dentist will evaluate your teeth and perform a complete oral examination, dental X-rays, and study models, in order to determine how to go about straightening your teeth. Depending on which teeth are to be straightened and whether there is crowding or spaces, your dentist will either use orthodontic brackets and wires or perhaps offer you the Invisalign® system. If only your front teeth need to be straightened your City of London dentist may recommend the Inman® aligner. These braces and appliances take different amounts of time to achieve their goals. Your dentist will tell you all of the advantages and disadvantages of different teeth straightening procedures, along with their cost and approximate length of time to complete their goals. Following treatment, a retainer may need to be worn to stabilize your teeth in their new position. This will also allow the surrounding oral bone to remodel itself and tighten around your teeth.