21 Oct

Teeth whitened with Enlighten from Central London dentist

As we grow older our teeth are more prone to discolouration. It affects some people more than others but the inevitable fact is that your teeth will look less white as time goes on. Over the last twenty years, the introduction of teeth whitening has meant that this gradual discolouration can be halted and even reversed. These procedures could be prohibitively costly and need to be performed by a dental professional. However, with the introduction of the Enlighten home whitening kit, it is now possible to perform the whitening at home in safety.
Teeth become stained because a filmy substance called pellicle builds up on the enamel of the teeth. Over time this gradually begins to stain the enamel. The pellicle film can be removed by brushing, but once the enamel begins to get stained it is not possible to remove it with conventional cleaning methods. Certain foods are far more likely to cause teeth staining than others. For example, red wine and coffee are two of the worst offenders. Smoking is also particularly bad for teeth, leaving yellow/brown stain marks on the teeth.
When these stains have penetrated the enamel layers of the tooth, whitening becomes the only option to return them to their natural white colour. Whitening usually involves bleaching the stained teeth. The chemicals in the bleach cause a chemical reaction that breaks down the materials that cause the discolouration. Enlighten uses hydrogen peroxide, which has long been used as a tooth whitening substance. Putting the Enlighten gel in a specially designed tray which can then be worn over night or for a few hours each day over a couple of weeks, can lighten teeth by up to ten shades.
Unlike some other home whitening kits, Enlighten gel is specially designed to reduce the risk of sensitivity, a common side effect of teeth whitening procedures. A Central London dentist will be able to talk you through the Enlighten whitening system and provide you with the necessary equipment to get whiter teeth at home.