11 Aug

Teeth Whitening is much easier to get now. By a City of London dentist

White teeth eh! Yes we all want them, but is the price to prohibitive for most of us. A City of London dentist says that today we have 2 very good alternatives to veneers, which most people have fitted to achieve a film star smile and whiter teeth. In most chemist shops today and on the internet you can buy a teeth bleaching kit, and for less than £40 in most cases. The kit comes complete with a gum shield and the bleaching agent that enables you to do this simple procedure yourself, and in the comfort of your own home. You need to make a mould of your teeth by biting into the blank shield; this is the same procedure as you do to make a sporting gum shield. Then you mix some of the bleach and put it into the mould. This then goes onto the teeth for around 40 minutes, and it will simply bleach your teeth whiter, it isn`t the best way to whiter teeth, but for most people it works well and its cheap. Another popular method is the Intense Light whitening format; this is done by mobile technicians who come to your house or to a salon near you. The light is shone onto the teeth to whiten them, with both methods though you will need to steer clear of coloured food stuffs in order to keep those teeth whiter for longer. The light method costs around £200-400 and is becoming quite popular with younger people.