19 Dec

Teeth Whitening titillates the City of London

There is no doubt that when it comes to getting your teeth whitened, you are spoilt rotten for choice: you can walk into a chemist anywhere in the city of London and buy some sort of product that will do some sort of job on your teeth. But for the absolute best you can get is the latest and greatest television star that is ready and waiting for you at the dentists teeth whitening. The whole treatment will take around an hour, but it will be totally worth it. You settle back in the chair and let the dentist do the rest. This product offers varying different grades of whiteness so you can choose just how far you want to go beforehand. Your mouth will be wedged open and a gel applied to you gums, lips and tongue for protection against the heat lamp. Then the teeth are coated with the bleaching agent before being ‘zapped’ by the laser-light: you go through the routine another couple of times and then you are done. The whole thing will cost you around £100 but that’s an utter snip when you get to see the final results. Products don’t get on a long running TV make-over programme for nothing and it lives up to the hype- your teeth will look a thing of beauty.