12 May

Teeth Whitening; what’s available and how it works. By a City of London dentist

Its known as a `Smile Makeover` and it involves whitening your teeth. White, smooth and healthy looking teeth are all the rage; especially now that science has come up with ingenious ways to do it advises a City of London dentist. In the not too distant past cosmetic dentistry was very expensive, and time consuming. Today you can go to the chemist and buy a self whitening kit to do the job at home. The kits are complete with a gum shield that you turn into a bleaching tray, this is done by softening it up in a bowl of hot water, then you bite into it to make a mould of your teeth. Then you mix up a little of the bleaching agent and put a small amount into the tray, now all you have to do is to bite into the tray again and leave it on for about 40 minutes, you can repeat this in accordance with the instructions. Another popular method is to have the Intense Light Whitening Treatment, this is now available in most salons and even at home by a visiting technician. It also involves a gum shield that is placed in the mouth, only this one doesn`t cover the teeth. It actually covers the lips and gums and protects the tongue from the intense blue light. A gel is coated onto your exposed teeth and the light is shone on this to react with the gel, and make your teeth whiter. It is done in 3 fifteen minute sessions and the whole treatment takes just an hour. You will need to avoid food stuffs that contain food dyes and drinks like red wine, but apart from that these two methods are popular and successful, with fans of the new fad.