20 Jul

Temporary Dental Fillings at your London dental practice

 Temporary fillings are just a provisional measure. There are placed due to various reasons, but ensure you have them replaced with permanent fillings.
A temporary filling (normally white, grey, or off-white) is placed if:
• You need more than a single visit for treatment.
• Your dentist in London wants to give your tooth a little time to heal.
• Your cavity is quite deep and the pulp (blood vessels and nerve) is exposed in the course of treatment.
• You require an immediate procedure to be performed.
Your tooth tends to feel much better after a temporary filling. The reason is because a filling closes up the tooth, safeguarding the pulp from being attacked by bacteria and lessening sensitivity.
Temporary fillings frequently consist of eugenol, an ingredient present in OTC toothache medications. Eugenol also is found in clove oil, which is very widely used for a toothache.
Temporary fillings are a short-term measure. Generally, within one or two months they wear out, fracture or fall out. If you have a temporary filling done, ensure you see your London dentist to have a permanent one done. If a permanent filling is not done, you may have an infected tooth or some other problems may develop.