29 May

The Advantages of a Dental Crown in the City of London

If you’ve neglected your teeth and decay has started to wield its whip, never fear because your city of London dentist is here! Oh yes, these people have all the answers for saving your teeth, nay, even replacing them. Tooth decay can get its teeth into your, well, teeth very quickly and you only may notice it when some serious damage has set in and the tooth starts to ache. If this has been identified, then it needs to be treated immediately if you have any chance to save the tooth and to ensure the health of the rest of the teeth around it. Once the dentist has removed the decay, the tooth must be rebuilt so that it can not only function naturally again, but aesthetically, look appealing in the mouth. Dental crowns solve this problem. Manufactured outside the mouth after impressions have been made of the treated tooth, they are cemented into place to give the tooth back its structure. The most common crowns are made from porcelain, or if something stronger is required, porcelain-over-metal. But if you are still trying to keep up with modern pop trends, but in all seriousness, want something really strong, gold is favoured. Even if you have suffered tooth loss, crowns can be attached to a dental implant to retain the health and strength of your mouth and its biting functions. The more flamboyant cosmetic dentist will make your crown from anything if you have the money, but before you get historically dramatic and choose oak, remember, crowns are primarily for your oral health and not only for your beauty.