19 Feb

The advantages of a Mini-implant in the City of London

It is common knowledge right now just how good the benefits of the dental implant is in the city of London and how it is unique in the way it helps to overcome the problem of tooth loss. But it also has a baby brother that too is making a name for itself- the mini implant. When it comes to replacing a small incisor in the mouth, a mini will be able to take the job on and do it well. But the mini implant is more famous for its other applications. Dental bridges are also good in overcoming tooth loss, but they have become even better now that they are used with mini implants. The implant can anchor a bridge strongly to the gums, but it has also helped to change the design behind bridges as well for the better. But probably its greatest claim to fame is the freedom it has given to wearers of full dentures. Once five or six of these have been planted around the mouth, the dentures simply lock onto them tightly up against the mouth. It holds the dentures true in the mouth and removes the fear of them falling out.