24 Apr

The advantages of Preventative Dentistry; by a Central London dentist

Prevention of a disease or in this case, tooth loss, is of course preferable to treatment says a Central London dentist. The professional dentist would prefer to advise you on dental care and preventative care, than having you visit them every few months for treatment. Oral hygiene is the key to preventative dental care, this mean a good plan for looking after your teeth and gums. Let`s start with the basics, in the night your saliva gland will stop working and this will cause a build up of acid in your mouth. By simply keeping a large glass of water by your bedside, and sipping it throughout the night, you will be killing off the bacteria that makes oral acid. Fluoride is a natural element that is found in water, it is an alkaline that will neutralise acid and protect your teeth enamel. In the morning, you will need to first rinse with a quality mouth wash, then floss properly and dislodge and remove any food debris. Next give your teeth a good, vigorous brush using a good brush or an electric one. This is all part of the preventative care method of looking after your teeth. You will also need to floss and brush throughout the day, preferably every time you eat something. A six monthly appointment at the dentist to have a scaling and a polish up will also be part of this plan. If you do all these simple things then your teeth will last a lot longer, you`ll have many years of problem free teeth; and your bank account won`t be involved in large monetary transactions with your dentist.