19 Mar

The art of Teeth Contouring in London

Teeth contouring is one of the lesser thought of treatments in London, but the chances are you would have comes across it in some form at some stage of your life. The procedures that come under this title are very varied, but the end goal is always to same; to promote health and beauty in your smile. From a health angle, contouring in all of its forms is designed to protect the occlusion in your mouth and ensure that your jaws come together as true as is possible; this will prevent damage to your jaws in the long run. The fitting of braces or aligners is designed to bring your teeth in line and to reduce biting problems. In less extreme cases the teeth can be contoured by grinding away anything sticking out and then protect the exposed part of the teeth with bonding or veneers, two excellent methods with which to make the teeth aesthetically pleasing as well and cover up damage, or signs of wear caused by ageing. Reconstructive work falls into the category of teeth contouring too. Crowns can help to restore a damaged tooth to its former glory and the use of partial dentures, dental implant and bridges can overcome the problem of tooth loss, all of which restores health back to your teeth and ensures that you look good as well.