07 Jan

The Art of Teeth Whitening in Central London

Whitening Yellow Teeth in Central London
If teeth have started so look a little jaded of late in central London, even yellowing, well if your teeth and gums are in pretty good nick, you may only be a bit of teeth whitening away from having a truly Hollywood smile. There a many ways to get this done, and done well. En vogue right now is laser whitening and you may well have seen it be done on a certain, well known make-over program on TV. In as little as an hour and a £100, after three quick blasts you will walk away looking a millions pounds for very little outlay- this can also be done in your own home- and speaking of which, bleaching trays are also very popular and you can buy these across the counter in most supermarkets or chemists and do it when you choose in your own time. Diluting your choices even further, bleaching pens and brushes are superb for the odd touches here and there, so avoiding the need to do all your teeth. But last, but by no means least, whitening toothpastes are also very popular and effective, cheap and if used over a prolonged period of time, give terrific results. It is wise however to consult with your dentist first before embarking on any of these choices, for if you have any signs of gum disease, sustained bleaching can cause serious damage.