16 Oct

The Baby, the Bottle and Tooth Decay in the City of London

Getting your kid’s teeth to grow properly is probably one of the toughest things you will be confronted with as they start off in life in the city of London; this is even more poignant when they are just babies. Getting things right from the off will define your child’s oral future. The thing is though, you must be very vigilant about is tooth decay in these early years and it comes from many angles. Now with a baby, there is a tendency for parents to stuff a bottle of milk in the mouth to pacify the child when it is crying or feels agitated. This may well do the trick, but too much bottle can add to tooth decay if you are not careful: the milk can be quite sticky and will form film on the teeth and then bacteria will break out very quickly, attacking the surfaces of enamel. Damage now will impair the growth of the secondary teeth for the future and then it could take a lot of work to repair the problems when they grow older. You need to seek advice from a paediatrician and dentist as soon as your child is born in order that you can make the right decisions for your kids and their teeth.