26 Dec

The Bad Boys behind Bad Breath in London

If there is anything that will make you unpopular at work, and socially, it is bad breath and getting to the root of what causes it can be very difficult, but you can follow a set of rules about how to tackle it. First stop is your dentist to check for gum disease and tooth decay and then go about tackling it. Now, look at your lifestyle; are you a heavy drinker do you smoke and how good is your oral hygiene? These are some of the protagonists that cause bad breath and need to be addressed. Your diet is also important in order to keep your immune systems strong and the saliva levels in your mouth high. Once you have addressed all of these, you should add little touches to the way you clean your teeth at night: herbal medicines can help to restore balance to the mouth and leave your breath re-vitalised. Drinking lots of water and using sugar free gum can also help to build up the saliva levels in your mouth- the mouths natural defence to bacteria. The thing about bad breath is that it is an indicator that something is wrong somewhere. If you have thrown the kitchen sink at the problem and yet it still persists, it could be a lot more serious than was first expected and you should seek out a doctor for a complete check-up and analysis, for the causes could be gastric an emanating from inside your stomach and that is not good at all.