15 Jul

The battle against plaque: let London dentists be your ally

The main enemy of those who want to have a set of healthy teeth and gums is an acidic substance known as plaque. It is the main cause of common dental hygiene issues but, thankfully, is easily dealt with by following a simple set of advice and enlisting the help of your local dental professional. Read on to find out how you can effectively combat plaque.
Plaque is an acidic substance that is formed in the mouth every time you eat. It is the foods which produce the most plaque which one has to wary of though. Foods containing a high amount of sugar and or starch are the one to look out for as they create more plaque. The plaque then sets on the teeth and, unless it is removed, it will start to break down the enamel layer which protects the sensitive interiors of your teeth. As well as this, plaque causes gums to become diseased if it is not removed from the gum lines of teeth. This is itself a major cause of patients actually losing their teeth.
You can remove plaque by brushing your teeth effectively with a brush that is fit for purpose and a suitable tooth paste. Be sure to floss as well so that plaque is cleared from the hard to reach spots between your teeth. Being careful about what you eat and when can make a difference too. Consuming a sugary item just before bed without brushing your teeth is not a great idea because the plaque will have all night to work away at your teeth.
Enlist the help of a London dentist and allow them to monitor your mouth. They are able to spot if there is excess plaque in the mouth and help you to remove it properly before it starts decaying your teeth.