07 Nov

The beauty of Cerec in the city of London

When we talk of short fixes in dentistry in the city of London, they don’t come much quicker than a revolutionary system called CEREC. Normal visits to the dentist for crowns, veneers bridges or inlays can often take weeks. With CEREC, the work is complete in one visit! Yep, your back on the stockmarket in an hour and still smiling about that earlier deal! The process uses digital images, not ‘old fashioned’ mouldings, to take impressions, that are then fed into a computer at the dentists, to develop a 3D image of the work required. Now your dentist turns engineer. The information is fed into a machine which will fabricate your crown or veneer, on site, in around thirty minutes, depending on your requirements, during which, the dentist can analyse the correct colour or staining required of the new work to match your mouth. Another great advantage is that any problems that arise can be corrected immediately, without sending the the new moulding back to the lab. It’s not an expensive treatment either. Prices are comparable to that of traditional treatments and let’s not forget the greatest advantage of CEREC- one visit!